My interview by Russian IT magazine DataReview:

“Интервью: Рустам Тагиев — об экспериментальной экономике и теории игр”

I volunteered as a data scientist for

“In-Depth Statistics on Warmshowers Growth (year-end 2014)”

In 2014 I cycled 18.000 km (11.200 miles) by bicycle mostly alone. The travel went from Düsseldorf south to Dakar in Senegal, and then continued after a cargo ship ocean crossing over Brazil, Uruguay, Argentine and ended in Santiago de Chile. I have been interviewed by Brazilian media:

“Viajante que percorre o mundo de bike faz parada em Joinville”

I am the first to introduce the concept of imperfect information into the domain of (multi-agent) game description languages. I submitted this paper “General Game Management Agent” to workshop GIGA 2009.